Dark angel, are you really keeping your side of the deal? There’s a mirror between us.  And in the reflection, a truth, we can’t quite conceal. Reclamation.  Shut down the infernal screen. Rain starts to fall in my dream and in the darkness, You approach in a cluster of light, coming back, over the hill. […]


The black mirror shatters under the pressure of a goose-lamp interrogation, a wire vessel, dreamscape haemorrhage as the inverted dunce cap scrapes the bottom of the LavAzza can.  Corpulent envelopes, more stones to slowly burst the creaking ribcage. sun pours on cobwebs – a plate bears two silver spheres in the oak cupboard. December 13th, […]

Two Approaches

Frigid cavern, white bite morning. A skeleton yearns for escape, his suit of skin. Yellow teeth, electric-cable tails, rats scratch in the attic, claw and tear, in their desperation for poison. Meanwhile, rumour reaches the street. Police cancel leave.  Rhetoric translates into bare cupboards. Another man jumps at shadows, hammer, saw, nail – his own […]